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Code of Ethics

ARARA Bylaws, Section XII


ARARA subscribes to the following Code of Ethics and enjoins its members, as a condition of membership, to abide by the standards of conduct stated herein:

     1. The membership of ARARA shall strictly adhere to all local, state, and national antiquities laws. Rock Art research shall be subject to appropriate regulations and property access requirements.

     2. All Rock Art recording shall be non-destructive with regard to the Rock Art itself and the associated archaeological remains which may be present. No artifacts shall be collected unless the work is done as part of a legally constituted program of an archaeological survey.

     3. No excavation shall be conducted unless the work is done as part of a legally constituted excavation project. Removal of soil shall not be undertaken for the sole purpose of exposing subsurface Rock Art.

     4. Potentially destructive recording and research procedures shall be undertaken only after careful consideration of any potential damage to the Rock Art site.

     5. Using the name of the American Rock Art Research Association, the initials of ARARA, and/or the logos adopted by the Association and the identification of an individual as a member of ARARA are allowed only in conjunction with Rock Art projects undertaken in full accordance with accepted professional archaeology standards. The name ARARA may not be used for commercial purposes. While members may use their affiliation with ARARA for identification purposes, research projects may not be represented as having the sponsorship of ARARA without the express approval of the Board.

The ARARA Code of Ethics, points 1 through 5, was adopted at the annual business meeting on May 24,1987. The Code of Ethics was amended with the addition of the opening paragraph at the annual business meeting, May 28, 1988.

Field Trip Code of Ethics

Adopted by the ARARA Board of Directors, 2016


As a condition for field trip participation, I certify that:

     I will honor my fieldtrip leader's decisions regarding my ability to visit sites and regarding appropriate activity at the site.

     I will adhere to all local, state, and national laws, applicable regulations and property access requirements and restrictions.

     Regardless of the land ownership, I will adhere to the precepts of the Archaeological Resources Protection Act which states: "No person may excavate, remove, damage, or otherwise alter or deface or attempt to excavate, remove, damage, or otherwise alter or deface any archaeological resource located on public lands or Indian lands unless such activity is pursuant to a permit."

     I will not touch or apply anything to the rock art.

     Artifacts found on the surface may be picked up, photographed, and enjoyed but must be returned to the location where they were found. Artifacts may not be collected for any purpose.

     I will not reveal the field trip site locations through mass communication media unless the land owner or manager considers it a site with public access. If am an unsure of this status, I will consult with my fieldtrip leader.

     Cameras, phones, and other recording devices may automatically record site location information in the metadata of photographs. If I post online or share photographs, I will remove site location metadata prior to posting or sharing.

     I will recognize the cultural heritage values of rock art and always show respect for the cultures that created it. I will honor the requests of appropriate Native American Tribe(s) or other groups who ask that photographs of restricted rock art not be posted or published.

     I will respect and honor the wishes and guidelines of researcher(s), if any, currently conducting research on the site, especially with regard to distribution of information and photographs of the site and possible research opportunities.

     I will help minimize the impact of visitation by carpooling, by staying on existing/designated roads and trails, and by not disturbing rocks, vegetation, soil deposits, etc.

     I will not use my affiliation with ARARA for identification purposes to gain access to site information, including information on site location and accessibility.