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In 1989 at the business meeting of ARARA, the members attending voted to establish the annual Klaus Wellmann Memorial Award for Distinguished Service in the field of rock art research, conservation, and education. The award was created to honor both the memory and service of the Association's first president and to honor the continuing and future service of the many fine members of ARARA.

Each year a call for nominations for the Wellmann Award will be issued in La Pintura by the Officers. Written nomination shall be signed by no less than five members in good standing or a member of ARARA's Advisory Council. The Officers shall be free to consider any other names they deem worthy. Consideration will be given to a member's cumulative service to the association through membership on committees, in elected offices, or in volunteer service for association-sponsored activities such as the annual conference, field recording projects, and educational activities. Consideration will also be given to a member's service outside the association, including such things as the cumulative impact of a member's scholarly research, outstanding paid or volunteer conservation work, or the cumulative impact of a member's contribution to public education.

Nominations will be accepted any time prior to March 15. If any member wishes to nominate an individual or individuals for this award, write to:

Troy Scotter, Awards Chair

Past recipients include (award not given in years not listed):