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Awards for Substantial Contributions to Rock Art

ARARA offers several awards. This page summarizes them. A link from each title offers more information about the purposes of the award, and includes a list of past recipients.

Klaus Wellmann Memorial Award for Distinguished Service
An award for a member's cumulative service, the Klaus Wellmann Memorial Award is for Distinguished Service in the field of rock art research, conservation, and education.

Conservation and Preservation Award
The Conservation and Preservation Award goes to an individual, group, organization, or agency that has taken a leadership role in significantly contributing to protect or preserve a major rock art site or series of sites from an identified and serious destructive impact, or to cause legislative, educational, administrative, or other action that significantly promotes rock art conservation or protection.

Frank and A. J. Bock Award for Extraordinary Achievement
The ARARA Board may present the Frank & A. J. Bock Award for Extraordinary Achievement from time to time to candidates with extraordinary achievements over their lifetime in the fields of rock art studies, documentation, education, conservation, and outreach.

Castleton Award for Excellence in Rock Art Research
This competition for excellence in rock art research, the Castleton Award, is named for the late Dr. Kenneth Castleton; the prize for the winning entry is $1,000.

Oliver Rock Art Photography Award
This is an annual competition. The Oliver Award recognizes exceptional works that master both the art and science of rock art photography with a degree of superior satisfaction. The winner of the award will receive a $500 cash prize and recognition at the annual conference.

Education Award
The Education Award recognizes the programs of individuals and organizations that create opportunities to educate children and adults on the significance of rock art images, their preservation and conservation, and to give them a greater appreciation of this fragile resource.

Keepers of the Gate Award
The Keepers of the Gate Award recognizes private landowners who either have rock art on their property or hold the key to rock art sites that are accessed through their property.